Is it time to replace your gutters with new gutters?

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Is it time to replace your gutters with new gutters?

Knowing when to replace your rain gutters isn’t always as obvious as missing pieces and crushed channels – small leaks and holes can develop over several months, and often go unnoticed. But if you know the tell-tale signs of decaying gutters, you’ll save some time and money being able to identify and replace the problematic gutter yourself.


Pooling water around the foundation of your home, usually leading to a wet basement, is always a bad sign, and often indicates a dangerous, leaky . For whatever reason, the gutter is no longer serving its intended purpose and will need replacement. This is especially true if you notice a hole or a gouge in the gutter channel. If the pool is under a sagging, overflowing gutter, replacing only the hangers will be necessary, provided the sagging gutter isn’t damaged. This would be a good time to update your spike and ferrule hangers to screw mounted hangers.


Finding streaking on your siding should also raise a red flag. If the streaking looks rusty, it’s because over time, rust has eaten a hole in your gutter and is now spilling gallons of water onto your siding and around your foundation. To prevent having to replace rusted gutters in the future, remember to give your metal gutters a coat of rust-proof paint every year or two; this will keep them rust-free and add several years to the gutters.


Updating your home’s exterior with fresh siding or masonry often warrants a complete gutter system replacement. Next to the upgrades, your old gutters will look worn and out of place. On top of that, updating your old siding typically changes the color scheme of the home’s exterior and gutters are usually part of the exterior’s aesthetics. If you’re budgeting for an exterior renovation, remember to account for a new gutter system as well.


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