What About Downspouts?

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What About Downspouts?

What can a homeowner do to insure that rainwater is properly diverted from the house? Allowing water to pool at the base of the house is a major problem just waiting to happen. It seems that a lot of attention is paid to the rain gutters, with cleanings and gutter guards to keep them from clogging up and overflowing. But suppose the gutters are completely clean, and yet you find that they are still overflowing. Well following the laws of gravity, the rain water must be flowing toward the downspout assuming the gutters are properly pitched. So that must indicate that the water is not exiting the downspout. 

No matter how clean and well maintained the gutters may be, they cannot function properly unless all downspouts are in good working order and devoid of leaves, sticks and other debris. If gutter guards are being installed, make sure that the installers check the downspout and clean them out thoroughly. Clean gutters and clogged downspouts gain you nothing but eventual trouble.


If the downspouts drain into an underground system, check at the point where the downspout enters the underground piping. Make sure there is no backup of water at that point. Also make sure that the downspout is aligned and attached properly to prevent any pooling of water that does not make it into the underground drainage system. 

Professional gutter installers can determine the condition of the downspout, easily remove them and clean them out.

Most downspouts empty onto a splash block so be sure they are large enough and pitched enough to carry the water away from the foundation of the house. 

Check the splash blocks occasionally to make sure they are not cracked or deteriorating in such a way that water can gather around the foundation of the house. Such a situation will eventually cause water damage in the basement, crawl space or foundation.  

You can attach flexible tubing at the bottom elbow to carry water as far away from the house as necessary. These downspout extensions are readily available at home improvement stores.

Roll-up type downspout extensions are also available. These devices extend themselves only when filled with water and can be rolled rolled up when the water is emptied. These perform the same function as an extended downspout, but they avoid the unsightliness of the downspout extended into the yard.


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