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When to clean gutters

When to clean gutters

Published: 08/15/2012

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This Is Your Ticket To Keeping Your Home Damage Free


Performing a gutter cleaning, how and when to clean gutters is one of the most essential tasks a home owner faces this day and age. It is one of the necessary chores that must be done on a sometimes monthly basis depending on your home's location, and by cleaning the gutters out properly, you'll be able to help your home be able to withstand the elements. The problem is, however, that many home owners simply do not know how to properly clean out there gutters and so they simply put off the chore until a damaging event occurs. Then they pay a contractor to clean their gutters, fix the damage, and their bank account is thousands of dollars lighter. You don't have to be that home owner. Here's how you can effectively be gutter cleaning like the best of them:


How To Clean Gutters Tip #1: Are You Cleaning Your Gutters Frequently Enough?


When it comes to gutter cleaning, you should be cleaning out your gutters at minimum twice per year. Those lucky home owners who only have to do this chore twice are the ones that live in an area that doesn't have much for overhanging debris that can get lodged in the gutter system. So if you have no trees in your area, you're pretty lucky. Otherwise, the more debris making items that you have around your home, the more often you need to clean your gutter system. Many home owners need to clean out their gutters about once per quarter, or once every three months. If your home is surrounded by trees, either evergreen or deciduous, then you really should be up there once per month while in season to clean out the gutters. By taking your gutter cleaning chores seriously, you be able to save lots of money on expensive water damage repairs that occur when you don't do them. 


How To Clean Gutters Tip #2: Get Rid of Moss Build Up Before It Happens


When it comes to gutter cleaning, many people in the Pacific Northwest especially know about the evils of moss build up on their roof. Moss spores take hold on sections of the roof, generally in between shingles, and they grow on the area of the roof that gets the most sun. These living organisms can cause a lot of damage to the roof itself as they push up shingles and allow water to get down into the subroofing materials, but they can also end up doing a lot to clog up your gutters. Unlike other debris, moss will actually continue to grown in your gutter and cause water build up to happen. There have even been several cases where the moss buildup as lined the bottom of a gutter so much that it has reversed the water flow of the gutter. You can prevent this by proactively spraying an anti-moss agent on your roof or by utilizing anti-moss powders that will prevent these nasty things from growing in the first place. Gutter cleaning before you even need to clean your gutters... that's sometimes what it takes to take good care of your gutters.


How To Clean Gutters Tip #3: Sometimes You Just Need To Dig It Out


When it comes to gutter cleaning, my two favorite utensils are a small bucket and a tablespoon. Gutter muck can smell terrible, especially if it has been sitting there awhile, so you don't want to just scoop that junk out into your yard. You'll be smelling it for the next two weeks! Instead, use the spoon and shovel that stuff into the bucket. If you are doing it from the roof, be sure to have yourself balanced properly so you don't fall off. If you are on a ladder, make sure that you are not reaching out too far. Then just proceed down the line of the gutter until you've scooped out the offending debris. That's really how easy it is to be performing your gutter cleaning chores!


As long as you are proactively gutter cleaning, you'll be able to avoid damaging events that can cost you a ton of money later on down the road. Gutter cleaning is easy to do when you do it on the schedule that is right for your home's location, so be sure to check to see how much debris is actually floating around and getting in your gutters. You just might find that your home responds better to the elements when you know how to clean gutters properly!