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Gutter Guards Work!

Gutter Guards Work!

Published: 09/30/2010 by Everything Gutter

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Gutter Guards, also known as Gutter Protection --


Wouldn’t it be great if all gutter guards actually worked as they were advertised to? Maintenance-free forever, no more clogged gutters, no more blocked downspouts, and all accomplished by simply installing a plastic cover over your gutter. Yes, that would be fantastic. But the harsh reality is that not all gutter guards work as intended – in fact, there are only one or two systems that are as close to “maintenance-free” as we’ll probably see for quite some time.


The majority of gutter guards are a plastic piece, the width of the gutter, installed to cover the channel. The plastic piece has a reverse curve to the underside, a large hole, or perhaps a slotted knockout, allowing water to flow in, but stopping leaves and the other debris from being carried into the channel. Good idea, but it doesn’t always stop the tree buds and seeds in the spring, and it certainly wouldn’t stop a colony of bees from making a nest in your gutter. This system still requires you to clean the gutters at least twice a year, and makes the whole process that much more difficult, since you must remove the guard before you clean. These systems may reduce the frequency of cleaning, but they are no where near the “maintenance-free” salesmen hype they are sold with.


The more effective systems, such as the the aluminum type systems. The guard installs over the channel and most are pitched to your roofline, allowing water to flow in while blocking out all other debris. No rust, no debris, and no hassle. These are as close to maintenance-free as you’re going to find right now. If you’re not comfortable on a ladder, or you’re just plain sick of cleaning your gutters, systems like these are certainly worth the price.


If you’re looking for a system that only blocks the leaves and other large debris, and you don’t mind still getting up on a ladder 2-4 times a year to scoop out the smaller gunk, then the gutter cover systems offered at your local hardware stores may work for you. However, if you’re looking for an entirely maintenance-free gutter system, the only thing close would be the systems made from aluminum grade material, "what ever system you choose make sure it comes with a manufacturer no-clog warranty" .