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Best Seamless Gutters?

Best Seamless Gutters?

Published: 06/24/2012

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For many years before the invention of seamless gutters, the gutter systems of homes were all installed the same way small sections seamed together. You would have to seam sections of gutter to create them into a gutter shaped system, and then attach these sections by sealing them together at the seams with a gutter seal. That made installation difficult, leading many home owners to have to hire out for an installation of their gutter system. This lead to a very bad leaking problem that home owners could do very little to fix without having to continuously having to come back and reseal over and over. And then came seamless gutters. Now home owners have to hire out to install seamless gutters because these gutters are made from one seamless section. The only seams are at corners and there is little in the way of fasteners, joints, or other attachment fixtures. Seamless gutters tend to need less maintenance and because they are a part of the actual structure of the home, give greater security to debris, water, and animal damage than other traditional gutters do. Seamless gutters really are something from which you can take a large advantage from as a home owner... but are they right for you?


Some Homes are not right for Seamless Gutters


What makes seamless gutters be such an advantage is the fact that these gutters are bent and shaped from just one seamless aluminum coil. That means there are no joints and that is great if you have a lot of linear lines to your home. If, however, your home has a lot of corners and not many straight lines up on the roof, then seamless gutters might not be right for you. That's because corners still have seams In your circumstances, a more traditional gutter system might be the way to go. That means having more in terms of cleaning chores to make sure that your gutters are working well, but the savings in monetary terms will be worth it. 


Seamless Gutters Are Virtually Maintenance Free


Besides the occasional cleaning that you'll need to do, the best part about owning seamless gutters is that they are virtually maintenance free. This means that you won't have to worry about inspecting the rivets and seams that are in your gutter system or worry about your gutters separating away from the fascia of your home. Many home owners find that they have their gutters performing at a superior level with just a yearly clean out after even a decade of use. That's how powerfully effective seamless gutter can be when they are installed on your home. You may have to invest in them now and pay a premium to get them put up, but you'll find that the pack comes in lower overall maintenance costs, lower overall time commitments to cleaning them, and lower related repair costs because these gutters fail at a much lower rate. Whatever way you put it, seamless gutters are likely the answer to your gutter problem – and especially so if you have long linear lines to your roof!


Seamless Gutters Today Have Better Guarantees


When you are talking about seamless gutters, you are talking about a long term guarantee on the product. Many seamless gutter manufacturers and installers will offer a 50 years materials guarantee on the product and a 5 to 10 year guarantee on the craftsmanship of the installation. The caveat to this is that you, the home owner, must regularly maintain the gutters. Now if you're thinking you can get away with just claiming that you were maintaining your gutters, you'd be mistaken. Gutters that are not properly cleaned and maintenanced leave tell tale marks of their neglect to an inspector coming to check out your claims. So just be sure to get up there, clean out your gutters two to four times per year in most instances, and you'll have a virtually life long seamless gutter system that will take care of your home.


As you can see, seamless gutters are well worth the investment on most homes. Unless your roof line is oddly shaped or has little in the way of linear lines, the investment in these gutters is always the right decision if you can afford to it. Long lasting, easy to maintain, and able to keep your home more secure, seamless gutter is your ticket to reducing your honey do list each week.