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Advantage of SEAMLESS GUTTERS- Leak Free!

Advantage of SEAMLESS GUTTERS- Leak Free!

Published: 09/30/2010 by New Gutter

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Do you need a New Gutters system? Perhaps you feel the need to upgrade or you’re renovating your home’s exterior – whatever the case may be, deciding which gutter system to use will be the first step. If you’re going to install them yourself, chances are you’ll be using sectional gutter pieces. But if you’re looking to have them professionally installed, you will then have the option of choosing either a sectional or seamless gutter system.


Seamless, or continuous, gutters are site-made gutter runs, custom cut to fit the dimensions of your house by a portable gutter extrusion machine. So, rather than having a series of sectional pieces joined by numerous connectors, you have a single, continuous run. The advantage is the lack of seams that could potentially leak as connectors have a tendency to loosen on sectional gutter seams over time, resulting in leaking water pooling around the foundation of your home. With continuous gutters, the number of seams is drastically reduced, and the few that remain (downspout outlets and gutter corners) are securely fastened in place and sealed with a high-quality water sealant to minimize the possibility of leaks. Routine cleaning is still required, but the time spent on your ladder will be greatly reduced by not having to reapply caulk to all the seams along the sectional gutter runs in addition to cleaning them.


You’ll notice that seamless gutters even help to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior. All materials extruded for your system come with a baked-on enamel finish that will never need to be repainted. Seamless systems also replace inefficient and unsightly spike and ferrule hangers to instead use several hidden brackets. The brackets attach to the roof, under the shingles, to provide superior strength and offer a very clean look. They’re also designed to allow the expansion and contraction of the gutters when temperatures fluctuate throughout the seasons, preventing the gutter from pulling away from the house and sagging.


Professional installation is only a small price to pay for the benefits provided by seamless gutters systems – the possibility for dangerous leaks is eliminated, the installation is normally completed in one day, and they’ll keep looking great, year after year.